Commissioned Manufacturing

We apply the knowledge and techniques of our chemical production to commissioned manufacturing to cater to many industrial chemical companies.

Our equipment’s allow us to pulverize from rough grinding, cm to mm size, mm to μm size and μm to nano size, as requested. We have various kinds of equipment, including roller mill, ball mill, vibrating mill, pin mill and beads mill.

■Surface Treatment
Surface treatment of fine powders gives some additional functions, such as water-repellent / hydrophilic, better dispensability, suppression of chemical activities of materials. Total solution can be provided with our equipment and technology even though additional process is required, i.e. calcination, grinding.

Granulation between μm and mm can be performed. We provide suitable granular for various purpose and applications.

We have two types of equipment, vibrating screen and dynamic air classification apparatus. The vibration screen is for the material size between cm and μm. The classification apparatus performs the precise classification by the classification rotor speed control and airflow rate.

Calcination of various materials can be performed at 1300℃ or less in the gas furnace and / or electric furnace. We can measure the temperature distribution the furnace for better control.